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    Milky Way Shows 84 Million Stars in 9 Billion Pixels

    Side Note: The two images shown above are mere crop outs from ESA’s recent hit: The 9 Billion Pixel Image of 84 Million Stars. These two focus on the bright center of the image for the purpose of highlighting what a peak at 84,000,000 stars looks like.

    Astronomers at the European Southern Observatory’s Paranal Observatory in Chile have released a breathtaking new photograph showing the central area of our Milky Way galaxy. The photograph shows a whopping 84 million stars in an image measuring 108500×81500, which contains nearly 9 billion pixels.

    It’s actually a composite of thousands of individual photographs shot with the observatory’s VISTA survey telescope, the same camera that captured the amazing 55-hour exposure. Three different infrared filters were used to capture the different details present in the final image.

    The VISTA’s camera is sensitive to infrared light, which allows its vision to pierce through much of the space dust that blocks the view of ordinary optical telescope/camera systems.


    Who knows what type of life is growing around the sectors of these stars and what they’re up to, the type of conversations they’re having and ways they use their resources..

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    Lightnings over the Mount Etna | Italy by Giuseppe Torre (Website)

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    Some still photos from the upcoming bylinesupplyco video. Site re-launch in 2 weeks!

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